Lehigh Valley Marathon: Week 7 Recap

7 miles easy / 1:04 / 9:09 avg pace

Am I really on Week 8 already?! Time is flying by and race day will be here before I know it. I just got the butterflies/nervous feeling typing that! No matter how many marathons you run, the nerves are always there. Especially when you want need to BQ. No pressure though 😉

Week 7 was so-so. I wanted to keep my mileage at 50 but couldn’t due to my left quad soreness (resulting from dehydration on a long run). My quad felt fine by Tuesday but I didn’t want to push it. So no speed work for the week but I did have a good (short) long run and a good tempo run, so I can’t complain.

MON:  8 easy
TUE:  4 easy with a running club (details to come…)
WED:  8 tempo
THU:  rest
FRI:  13 long
SAT:  10 easy
SUN:  rest

A total of 43 miles for the week. I’m planning on 54 miles this week. It’s supposed to 100 degrees on Friday with crazy humidity. This will be a good test for Operation Hydration. I’m going to carry salt packets with me on my long run to see if they help and drink more water than I usually do all week. I’m not afraid of hydrating too much (fun fact: I check the color of my pee all the time). I know my body and if you saw how much I sweat, I think you would agree! On that gross note, I’m outta here!


8 Responses

  1. Are you doing actual salt packets? I know some people do that, but I really recommend Salt Stick pills. Everyone I know loves them and they kept me feeling good for Sunday’s 50K even when it was really hot.

    I’m so excited that your race is getting closer, I know you’re going to BQ!

  2. Oooooh, a running club! Fun! Can’t wait for the details.

  3. I want to hear how the salt packets work. I’m in no need of them, but find the whole thing really interesting for fueling. Have you tried pickle juice? Is it similar?

    • I will do a report on Friday after I try them 🙂

      Haven’t tried pickle juice, but I would imagine getting a similar benefit. Not sure I could stomach it though! And portability…how about if it spilled on you or your car…smelly!

  4. I check my pee color all the time too! I’m obsessed with it. Are you literally just eating salt as you run? Have you tried salt stick? I love it. I always crave pickles after a long, hot run! The humidity is just insane these days, I couldn’t even handle going for a walk outside yesterday!

  5. haha. i am a crazy sweater and get so anxious when i know i have not had enough water or electrolytes! another great week of training. crazy how quickly all the fall marathons are coming up! good luck this week!

  6. Kristy…..I look forward to reading your posts every day…they motivate me and keep me smiling 🙂

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