Winter in October

The title of this post is simply obnoxious.  Just 3 short weeks ago I was laying on the beach writing a post called “Summer in October“. Snow in October is just wrong.

Thankfully, Saturday was a planned rest day so I didn’t have to brave the cold and snow for a long run.  We did have 2 parties to go to.  The first was a Halloween party for Hawk hosted by our dog walker.  We decided to swing by at the last minute since it wasn’t too far away.  Hawk got 3rd place for his costume.  Personally, Matt and I think he was robbed.  First place went to a lab dressed as a cop.  Totally unoriginal.  Coincidentally, the owner of the lab was also the mayor of our town (I had no clue we even had a mayor), so I think she swayed the judges.  Come on, how cute is this little lobster?  If you care, 2nd place went to a tiny poodle dressed as a clown.

that witch is creepy

We left the Halloween party, dropped Hawk off, and then headed out to Jersey.  We had a mini-Mains birthday to celebrate!  We got stuck in terrible traffic due to all the accidents caused by the snow (it took us 30 minutes to go 1 mile).  We ended up turning around since the roads were so bad.  I was bummed.  I was so looking forward to seeing everyone.  Happy 1st Birthday Michael!  I hope you enjoyed your cake 🙂

The rest of the day was spent catching up on DVR…Amazing Race and Dexter.

On Sunday I went out for a 6-miler around 11:30am.  I wanted some snow to melt and the temps to warm up a bit.  I felt so bad for all the MCMers freezing at the start.  It was probably good race weather once you got warmed up but I’m sure waiting in the early AM was agony.  Congrats to everyone who ran the race!

Happy Halloween!  We get to torture Hawk again tonight with his costume.



8 miles / 1:10 / 8:45 avg pace
*Pure exhaustion.  That sums up today’s run!  

I’m thankful that Matt is coming home today.  I didn’t mention this (in case there are any creepers that troll the blog) but he has been away for work for 2 weeks.   Two weeks is a long time.  I cannot wait to see him tonight.

I’m thankful for lululemon priiti crops.  I bought them last weekend and wore them 3 times already this week – for yoga and running. They are amazing.

I’m thankful that Saturday is a rest day.  Enough said!

I’m thankful to see the Mains tomorrow.

I’m thankful my hamstring, hip, and glute are starting to feel better on their own.  I won’t begin ART until next week but this is a good sign.

I’m thankful that my family is healthy.  A year ago my Dad had a double bypass.  He is 100% recovered and good as new.

What are you thankful for?  Big or small…

GOOD LUCK to all the MCMers this Sunday!  I’m very jealous; it’s my favorite marathon.  I cannot wait to read all your race recaps next week!

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

6 miles easy / 55:36 / 9:16 avg pace

1.  I got my Knuckle Lights in the mail yesterday and they are awesome.  They are comfortable, provide enough light (but not too much), and they are discreet.  Call me vain but I can’t see myself wearing a headlamp ever.

front view

back view (with Hawk)

2.  I posted this a long time ago, when I had about 5 readers.  I’m sure many of you have seen it (or a variation of it) but I promise you will laugh.  It’s worth the 2 minutes and 23 seconds.  I swear this is what my co-workers think of me.

3.  Lastly, just because he is so darn cute.

Have you seen the “I’m a Runner” video?  They have a ton of different ones and they are all hysterical!


7 miles
*Pseudo speed work.  I went to the track this morning and it was occupied…at 6:30AM?!?!?  Peeved, I drove home and attempted a speed workout on my usual paved bike path.  I managed 3 x 1-mile repeats at HM pace.  I can’t do speed work without a track.  I need to be able to count down the laps! 

Last night I went to the chiropractor for the first time.

Remember how I raced the Philly RnR Half the week after my marathon and got all sorts of tightness in my right hamstring?  Well, it’s still there.  It comes and goes.  The 2 weeks of rest I took helped but my right hamstring, hip, and glute just feel off.  Hard to explain.  I’m not in pain; my right side just feels abnormal compared to my left.  The tightness is directly proportional to how fast I run.  The faster I run, the tighter my hammie gets (I’ve been conscious of my overstriding too).  Since I’m not in pain, I’ve been running but I’m keeping my overall mileage low and not doing all-out speed work.  And I’ve been icing, foam rolling, and yoga-ing.

I decided that I want to nip this in the bud before it became an injury, especially with 2 races coming up in November.  I have heard such great things about ART but I wasn’t sure if I was a candidate since I’m not really experiencing pain.  I chose a chiropractor that performs ART over a physical therapist since my insurance covers it and I didn’t need a prescription from my primary care doctor to make an appointment.

Fast forward to last night.  First, I couldn’t believe that people were getting treated right in front of everyone (it’s a small office).  People are laying down on these crazy beds right near the waiting room.  And these people looked like they were in so much pain!  Ice packs, traction, etc.  Scary!  I got the whole work-up (x-rays, foot analysis, my oh my) and then laid down on a crazy bed.  The doctor immediately told me to put both of my arms out in front of me (if I was standing up, think of the mummy walk) and resist while he tries to push my arms down.  My right arm was fine; I was able to resist.  My left not so much.  I tried with all my might but I could barely keep him from pushing my left arm all the way down.  Strange.  Then he did something with my feet and my left was hanging lower than my right.  Hmmmm.  He did an adjustment to my left arm and then he tried to push it down again and it didn’t budge.  I was shocked!  I was pretty skeptical going into the appointment but maybe this will work???

I’m going back next Thursday for another appointment to discuss my x-rays and possible ART.  I just want to be in tip top shape for my upcoming 12K and the Philly Half.

Have you ever been to a chiropractor?  I’m trying to keep an open mind about it…
Do you prefer the track for speed work?  I’m OK with the treadmill too, at least it passes the time quickly.   

perfect sunday: 14 miles and lululemon

14 miles / 2:03 / 8:47 avg pace

If you follow Kristin Armstrong’s blog, Mile Markers, you are familiar with what she calls the Reset Run.  The purpose of this run is to clear your head, recharge, and refresh.  This is exactly what I needed after last week.  It was an ugh, ick, and meh kind of week.  I contemplated running a 5K today but my gut was screaming for a Reset Run.  Fourteen miles of pavement pounding on a gorgeous Fall morning did the trick.  I feel refreshed, things are in perspective, and I’m determined to make this week much better.

In the afternoon I hit up lululemon for some Fall/Winter running necessities.  I’m always leery of running tights.  My legs are short and muscular and I think they look like stuffed sausages in tights!  I tried on every running crop they had and decided on the Priiti Crop.  They were by far the most flattering and comfortable.  I also got  the Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve (love!) and another Cool Racerback tank (I wear these every week; can’t have enough!).  All together now…

I used to be Nike obsessed and now I’m slowly converting to lululemon obsessed.  I don’t mind spending the money (the R&D discount is sweet) because I spend hours each week in running clothes and I want them to last, look good, and not get funkified after a sweaty run.

Tell me about your weekend run.  Long, short, Reset Run, race, or no race…I want to hear it all!

Friday Favorites

8 miles / no Garmin

1.  Sunscreen
I know, it’s a strange favorite.  I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face and neck (I can’t say the same for make-up, sorry Mom).  I remember a dermatologist telling me years ago that the best anti-aging cream was sunscreen.

For everyday, I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream with SPF 15.  I’ve been using this since I was 23 (many moons ago).  I’ve tried others but always come back to this one.  It’s inexpensive and doesn’t irritate my skin.

When I’m going to be outdoors for awhile (running, at the beach, etc.) I use Neutrogena Sport Face 70+.  LOVE this stuff.  It doesn’t sweat off into my eyes and doesn’t feel greasy.

2.  Working from home
I’m fortunate to be able to work from home on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Of course, I love the zero commute and staying in my PJs (or running clothes) all day but I love the freedom it gives me with training.  I generally save my longer short runs (or track workouts) for Tuesday and do my long runs on Friday.  It’s especially good in the winter because I can run outside over lunch and save myself from the dreaded treadmill.

3.  Mums
Mums just signify Fall.  The front of my house is full of yellow mums.  Here’s a peek at my deck…

Apparently they are tough to kill (I’m rough on plants) which makes them even better.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen that you wear when running?  Do you work from home?  Have a Friday Favorite to share?

Things I Don’t Get

6 miles / 56:21 / 9:23 avg pace

My running has been pretty boring lately.  Training for the Philly Half is just…there.   I much prefer running HMs as tune-up races for marathons or for fun.  Solely training for one…is just blah.

So instead of boring you with the details of this morning’s 6-miler, I had to come up with some new material.  Without further adieu, things I don’t get…

  • Hawk repeatedly eats things he is not suppose to and then throws up later on.  Grass, baskets, seashells, etc.  Then, the next day, he does the same thing.  How does he not see the pattern here?
  • Gaper delays.  People complain about traffic but then slow down for a fender bender or gawk as someone gets pulled over.  It’s not that interesting; keep moving.
  • Women that run with their hair down.  How does that not drive you crazy?  I see a woman on my way to work that always runs with her hair down.  I want to pull over and offer her a hair band.
  • School bus stops.  Why are they so frequent?  Can’t all the kids from a single neighborhood congregate at a single corner so just 1 stop could be made?!  Why must the bus stop at every block and pick up 1 kid?
  • Blog traffic.  Why are my page views sometimes higher on days I don’t post?
  • Mullets.  Are they back in style?  I’ve seen quite a few of them lately.

Slater rocked a mullet

 What things don’t you get?  Share something!  Have you ever had a mullet?

The Waiting Game

8 miles / 1:08 / 8:30 avg pace
*progression run 

The best things in life come to those who wait…sometimes.  Ugh, the waiting game.  Not one of my strong suits due to my lack of patience. Lately, I feel like I have been waiting for everything.  Big stuff, small stuff, whatever.  The B.A.A. tested my patience last month and I waited.  I feel like that kicked-off a waiting frenzy.

What exactly am I waiting for?  Here’s the list…both big and small.

  • Work-related news.  Which could be good, bad, or just meh.  That’s a biggie.
  • Daylight savings.  I’m sure you early morning runners can sympathize.  I can’t wait until November 6.  A 7:15am sunrise is just way too late.
  • Knuckle lights…on backorder.  Apparently Alyssa mentions them on her blog and starts a knuckle light craze 😉  Thankfully they should come in this week.  Just in time for daylight savings.
  • This fabulous Fall/Spring coat…also on backorder.  I decided to live on the edge and not get all black.  I hope it doesn’t snow before I wear it.


  • Holidays.  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Decorating, cookies, Turkey Trots, and taking Hawk to see Santa (oh yes we do).

What are you waiting for these days…big or small?

The truth and some redemption…

13 miles / 1:48:55 / 8:23 avg pace

I ran last Friday and didn’t even blog about it.  Who cares, right?  Yes, but I want this blog to be an honest look at my running.  I was too frustrated and pissed off to even mention Friday’s run.  I set out to run 13 miles and ended up with 9 at a slow 9:24 average pace.  I never cut a long run short.  I can run through blood, freezing temps, boiling hot temps but I never cut a run short.  So I was clearly PO’d enough to call it quits.

Friday’s run basically went like this:  9:00 pace (normally my LSD pace) felt labored.  Maybe I needed to warm-up?  Nope.  After 5 miles, I passed my car and was ready to throw in the towel.  But I didn’t.  Two miles later I was officially DONE and turned around and headed back to my car.  I was more frustrated than anything.  What the hell was going on?

As I posted earlier this week, I’ve been having trouble breathing when running.  It just feels way more labored then it should.  I’ve already mulled over the possibility that I’m completely out of shape but I realize that is irrational and just plain crazy.  The more I thought about it the more I kept thinking it was my asthma.  My asthma is never an issue anymore, due to some incredible medications that keep it under control.  But I got a cold a few weeks ago and it started drifting into my chest which is never good for my asthma.

I took Saturday as a mental health day from running.  And vowed to come back strong on Sunday.

I used my inhaler pre-run on Sunday (I did the same on Friday).  I generally use it pre-run when I’m sick or when it’s very cold out.  I was determined to make this a good run.  I started out at MP (8:30), dropped the pace slightly, and then stayed consistent.  I felt great and my breathing was right where it should be.  Ah, redemption tastes so sweet 🙂

It’s funny that I finished right around my half marathon PR.  I’m now ready for the Philly Half.  Bring it.

Got any redemption runs this weekend to brag about?  I have to give a shout out to Kara and Alyssa for going sub-4:00 at the Baltimore Marathon yesterday.  Way to go ladies!

Friday Favorites


I’m bringing back Friday Favorites…at least this week anyway.  Months ago I ran out of things that could be “favorite” worthy so I stopped posting about it.  Matt suggested Friday Rants, where I could probably go on and on, but I thought that would be too negative.  Here goes…

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream
Delicious!  One of my favorite desserts, aside from my beloved DQ Blizzard.   And it MUST be served with vanilla ice cream…whipped cream would be nice too.

A larger scoop of ice cream is necessary


Deep tissue massage
I got my first deep tissue massage last night and it was heavenly.  In the past I stuck to the traditional Swedish massage but for my hamstring’s sake I went with deep tissue.  It was fabulous but the massage therapist could have dug a little deeper, especially on my right hammie, hip, and glute.  I wanted it to hurts-so-good.  Unfortunately, it’s an expensive favorite too 😦

I’m not crafty or creative in the least so it’s a shock that I enjoy perusing Pinterest.  I don’t even use it to its full potential but I love just looking at all the home ideas.  We are re-doing both of our bathrooms and it’s great to visualize different colors and ideas.  Using door knobs as towels hooks?  Genius (pic here if you think it sounds weird)!  Search on “running” and you may lose your mind.  So many great quotes.  A few of my favorites…




Your turn!  Share a Friday Favorite or two!

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