Sweat-icicles and Boston Week 2 Recap

This morning I headed to the track for a speed workout.  There was no school today so I didn’t have to hurry and finish before the buses arrived.  And, since I didn’t have work, I could actually wait until the sun started to rise.  Win-win!  It was frigid – 19 degrees.  During my warm-up, it was so cold that I actually wished I was home in my warm basement on the treadmill, wearing shorts and a tank top.  I hate to be all bundled up!

I did a “ladder down” workout starting at 1200m and going down to 1000m -> 800m -> 600m -> 400m.  I did them at 10K pace with a 200m rest interval in between.  Since it wasn’t a super taxing workout I threw in 2 miles at MP (8:02 and 8:19), a cool down, and called it a day at 8 miles.

During the cool down I could hear my hair sweeping along the back of my jacket.  It sounded like it was frozen.  When I got to the car…and this is a first for me…sweat-icicles!  So gross!

Boston Week 2 Recap
MON:  6 miles speed (4×800 with a MP mile at the end)
TUE:  6 miles easy
WED:  rest
THU:  8 miles tempo with 6 at MP
FRI:  6 miles easy
SAT:  15 miles
SUN:  barre class

41 miles total with another yoga fail.  I’m still figuring out how to fit it all in and I need 1 complete rest day a week.

I need your help…can anyone recommend WARM and WATERPROOF running gloves?  As in, I can wipe sweat and snot away and they won’t freeze on me.   For LRs, I switch my gloves halfway through and today I doubled up on gloves.  

Ever get sweat-icicles?  It’s funny how I can get so sweaty and be so cold at the same time.  


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  1. I’ve been using Nike thermal running gloves and they haven’t frozen on me yet and they absorb a ton of snot 🙂


  2. Oh, the sweat-cicles made me laugh. Thanks for that.

    And the recap of your week’s workouts? I am totally jealous. I miss training for SOMETHING so badly. Soon enough!

  3. Hmm I have waterproof gloves that stay fairly dry, they are really thick, but I couldn’t find them when I searched for them…I got them last year, maybe they aren’t available anymore. I have done some cold long runs, one time my camelbak froze and my friend had icicles hanging from his mustache!

  4. Your workouts are awesome, so impressive! Keep up the great training, you’re going to do awesome at Boston!!!!

  5. Sweat-sicles – never seen that nor had that happen to me! Hardcore!

  6. Oh I don’t think I have ever had sweat-sicles! My hair has frozen when I am too lazy to dry it before going outside when it is cold…

    Let me know if you find any gloves that work! I have been using the cheap knit ones and my hands seem more sensitive this year than before and they really aren’t doing enough on the very cold days!

  7. sweat icicles! ahh. I have these brooks gloves/mittens – they’re bright green. They stay dry but aren’t super warm so I usually double up with other gloves underneath – cheap asics ones. They usually stay dry too!

    Nice running!

  8. We did the same type of speedwork yesterday! And now I know what that’s called. I usually wear smartwool glove liners. They breathe and are warm enough and I can wipe my nose on them then throw ’em in the wash. Not technically waterproof though. If I needed more for wet/wind, I’d probably wear my ski gloves or mittens (they have finger compartments but look like mittens on the outside).

  9. Hi pretty lady. Just wanted to say, I love the new do. You look beautiful!!! I was just going to ask about your rest day. Did you pick Wednesday as a rest day?

    I can’t recommend any gloves. I”m good for nothing. Pedro did buy me a new pair of northface gloves. In fact, they’re the gloves you can use with the iPhone!!! I can’t wait to get them.

    Hope you have an awesome week of training!!! I’m so excited for your training. I”m excited for my training!!!

  10. Try EMS gloves…the ones that open and close to cover your thumb and fingers with a little flap. They have magnets so when you want your fingers exposed the flap stays down. I run and I have found them really helpful because you can wear them as mittens until you get warm, then open the flaps and expose the tips of your fingers if you get to hot.

    Good luck

  11. oh my gosh- sweat-cicles!!!! I really didn’t think that was possible! But it means you were for sure getting a workout in.

  12. […] Sweat-icicles and Boston Week 2 Recap […]

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