Lululemon R&D Party

7 miles
*2 x (6x400m in 1:42).  This is a tough workout.  Avg pace for the first set was 1:36, and second set, 1:37.  I was happy to be able to consistently beat a 1:42 on each lap.  

Last night I attended the Lululemon R&D Party at the new King of Prussia store.  The KOP store just opened and the party celebrated its opening and also honored their R&D members.  They really went all out — food, candy, beer, wine, and lots of interesting people to meet.

The KOP store front.  Taken from both angles because it’s awesome.

The food spread.

The even better candy spread.  Practically all of my favorites lined up in a row!

I got the opportunity to meet the rest of the KOP staff and some amazing R&D members.  I love talking with people who turned their passion into their career (something I will do some day…soon!).  Since I started my running coach business just a few months ago, I’m still very much a newbie with the whole starting-your-own-business thing.  I got the opportunity to talk with some knowledgeable people and got some great advice.  Oh, and lots of running talk too!

The best part of the night?  My photo shoot!  Yes, photo shoot.  Lululemon had a photographer set up outside the store to take action shots of the R&D members.

I got to run (more like skip) across the white background and tried my best to exude care-free running.  At first, I felt like a complete dork.  The other R&D members were doing cool yoga poses and here I was skipping and trying to look normal.  But if you know me, you know I love a good photo shoot so I eventually warmed up and found my groove.  I promise to post the pictures as soon as I have them.  I cannot wait to see how they turned out.

Thank you Lululemon KOP for a fabulous night!

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