Olympic Trials, Haircut, And A Long Run

Happy Sunday!  I’m enjoying Day 2 of a 3-day weekend!  I just got back from barre class which kicked my butt, as always.  My legs were already tired from 15 miles yesterday and all the pulsing and squeezing sent them over the edge this morning.

So, the Olympic Marathon Trials?!  So exciting.  I cannot wait for London.  I just got back from my long run in enough time to catch the Twitterfest of the finish.  Meb is amazing and Shalane, Kara, and Desi are a force to be reckoned with in London.

Hawk enjoyed watching the Trials as well

I wish I could say that I channeled some of that elite energy during my LR but I didn’t.  15 miles with an average pace of 9:04.  I will call that a LSD run.  I slept 4 hours on Friday night (random insomnia) and, beginning at mile 6, I developed a blister on my right foot (while wearing my Adrenaline 11s – yes, the ones that are supposed to feel good).  I have no idea what kind of metamorphosis my right foot is undergoing but it better morph back to my old foot pronto.  I’ve never had issues with blisters before.  They suck and can really derail a run.

To be honest, my heart was not in this run.  I was tired.  It was so, so cold.  The wind kept smacking me in the forehead and pissing me off.  I wanted it to be OVER.  I came home and I was upset.  This was a slow run for me and a good 45 seconds slower than MP.  Then I took out my FIRST plan and looked at what pace I was supposed to run those 15 miles (note:  when it comes to long runs I generally “beat” whatever pace the FIRST plan calls for…so I never even bother to look at it pre-run).  9:08.  I ran 9:04 and called it a terrible run.  I stopped sulking after that.

And…I got my hair cut yesterday!  I got a good 6 inches lopped off the back.  It feels amazing to have less hair to deal with!  It was getting to the point where my hair was in a ponytail every single day.  Some pics…

it may not look like a lot from the front...

but I now have a tiny ponytail

Good luck to everyone running Houston today!

What did you think of the Trials?

Did you have a good long run this weekend?


Random Thursday Thoughts

6 miles / 54:40 / 9:06 avg pace

1.  Kara Goucher posted this on her FB page yesterday:

As some of you may have already read, Alberto and I are no longer working together. He has been a vital part of my running career and life, and helped me to achieve many of my goals. However, we both felt it was time to go in separate directions. I do not yet know what my future coaching situation will be, but I look forward to exploring the next chapter in my running career.

Hmmm…scandalous!  I haven’t had time to investigate.  Does anyone know why?

2.  These are delicious.  I ate my way through 2 bags already.


3.  I wore gloves this week when running.  I love it…it’s a true sign that Fall running weather is here.  I don’t love cold hands.

4.  I need to get to lululemon.  My wish list is rather extensive:  Run: Inspire Crop, Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve, etc, etc.

That’s all I got today, folks!

Got the scoop on Kara?  Broke out the gloves yet?  Got a random thought to share?

Lehigh Valley Marathon: Week 10 Recap

7 miles easy / 1:05 / 9:17 avg pace

Thanks for your comments on my running etiquette post.  The verdict?  Those guys were in the wrong and total creepers!

I had to double-check which week I was recapping.  It’s all starting to mush together towards the end.

MON:  7 at marathon pace
TUE:  8 speed
WED:  8 easy
FRI:  15 long
SAT:  5 easy
SUN:  10 tempo

53 miles for the week and 6 days of running (normal for me is 5 days per week).  I figured I’d give it a shot but I really prefer 2 rest days.

I was looking over an old post I wrote at the beginning of this training cycle, where I laid out my plans for changing things up and doing things different.  Overall I’m doing pretty good:

  • increase overall mileage — CHECK
  • switching between hill repeats and track workouts — decided against this since I need the speed work to BQ and my long runs are plenty hilly.
  • trail running — CHECK.  Every tempo run has been done on a trail.
  • long runs (do some at LSD and some at MP) — CHECK.  Thanks to the humidity, the choice as to which runs were LSD was made for me 🙂
  • cross-train (yoga and strength train) — FAIL!  I haven’t been to a single yoga class yet and I went to 1 strength training class.
Somehow, I always imagined that running alone could transform my body into this…
I’m delusional but I can dream, right?  I know it takes a steady dose of strength training (and good genes) to look like Kara.  So yesterday I did an at-home, completely made-up, 20 minutes of ST.  And it only confirmed that I need to go back to a class. Baby steps, right?

Unrelated question of the day:  what do you use to track your runs?  Daily Mile, etc?  I’m thinking of ditching my excel spreadsheet for something more high tech!

Book Review: Kara Goucher’s Running for Women


8 miles easy / 1:14 / 9:15 avg pace (little too fast for an easy run)

I was thrilled when Kara Goucher came out with a running book. I’m a huge fan was hoping the book would share some of her training tips. But then again why would she share them? She’s got lots of competition and training is probably kept hush hush. Her blog doesn’t even reveal that much.

Anyway, I knew the book was geared towards beginners but I bought it anyway and read it on the way home from Ireland. Hmmmm. Well…let’s start positive with what I actually liked.

* I think if you are a beginner you can definitely benefit from this book. She does have all the classic running tips listed out and easy to read.

* I did like when she shared some of her personal stories: emotional eating and subsequent weight gain while she was injured and her decision about when to get pregnant. It made her seem…human! I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to give anything away.

* I did like her advice on running while pregnant (she did dispel some myths).

What I didn’t like…

* The Q&A sections. I swear they were written by my 16-year-old niece (no offense, Catherine). I like a cute boy in my running club, what should I do? Should I wear make-up when I run? I’m paraphrasing of course, but I felt like I was 16 again, reading Seventeen magazine! I could do without the make-up tips.

* Like I said before, I wished she would have shared more personal stories.

Overall, I give it 2.5 out of 5. And I’m still a Kara Goucher fan 🙂

I’m reading Born To Run now and so far, so good.  I’m really amazed that I like it as much as I do.

Did you read Kara’s book? What did you think?

Random Thursday

I’ll stop posting about the NJ Marathon eventually…I promise.  Think you have it bad?  Imagine being Matt!  He really can’t wait until it’s over.

Today’s random things are certain race day traditions/superstitions/routines that I MUST do.

  • I have to wear my Race Ready shorts.  I’m a Nike tempo shorts girl 99% of the time but I need lots of pockets come marathon day.  These shorts are NOT for the fashion-conscious; they are pretty hideous but extremely practical.  They store my iPod and Shot Bloks nicely.  I wish Race Ready would come up with a better design.  Or…Nike could design tempo shorts with lots of pockets.  Also, pockets in the back stuffed with Shot Bloks = big butt.  Did I sell these shorts yet?  😉

Hot, right? Mine are this short too. But my only other option were the longer ones and they are even more unflattering. Imagine that?

  • I need to pee at least 5 times before the race begins.  I have no idea where the number 5 came from I think it just became a habit/routine.  I’ve used a porta potty before and then immediately got back in line to pee again.


  • I eat Shot Bloks every 4 miles.  So that’s 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 during a marathon.  These numbers are embedded in my head.  Remember the “numbers” from the TV show LOST?  That’s how I am….neurotic.

Hurley, I can sympathize...


  • I wear my “special” socks and foolishly think they bring me good luck.
Check out this short video.  It’s a tour of Nike’s World Headquarters.  Can I get a job there and hang out with Kara all day?  Maybe I can pitch them my idea about pocketed-tempo shorts?

Please share some of your race day traditions/superstitions/routines so I can feel somewhat normal!

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