Friday Thoughts

  • Most of you didn’t think I was a scumball for not showering post-barre class on Wednesday.  Or, if you did, you kept that to yourself.   Baby wipes and deodorant (exactly what I used) are pretty popular and they get the job done.  I walked out of class at 7AM and was in my car en route to work by 7:15.  That should speak volumes about my hair and make-up regimen for work.
  • Speaking of barre class, I was sufficiently kicked to the curb on Wednesday morning.  My legs were shaking uncontrollably during class.  I had to take brief breaks.  My hamstrings and calves were sore yesterday which, aside from running, I’ve never experienced before with any other strength training.  I can’t wait for more torture next Wednesday!
  • I got an iPhone!  I had a terrible, old BlackBerry which could hardly pass for a smartphone.  Now I see what all the hype is about.  I’m obsessed with Instagram and found other (free!) apps like Where to Eat? and Oh Ranger! Park Finder.  Reeder is also good (but not free).  It’s a much better version of Google Reader.
  • Today’s run was supposed to be short and sweet:  6 miles with 2 miles at tempo (7:35 pace).  It was tough.  My legs felt great but my lungs felt off.  Effort-wise I felt like I did during Monday’s mile repeats but I was running just under 8:00 pace!   The only plausible explanation could be my asthma.  I got my allergy shots yesterday (I get them once per month) and I had a pretty bad reaction.  That could have triggered something.  Oh well, I get 13 miles of redemption tomorrow.
  • I follow the San Francisco community page on Facebook for no other reason than daydreaming that I actually live there.  They post pics and events and I imagine myself there.  I know, total dork.  Yesterday they posted this pic and I wanted to cry with envy.

    sitting outside on a gorgeous january day

    If you could live in any city in the world, where would you live?  I would live in SF.  Absolutely.  I love Philly too, it’s my hometown and a great city, but nothing compares to SF.  

    Got an iPhone?  Was it life changing?  I can’t believe how much I was missing!

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