20 Miles, Take 3

20 miles / 2:53 / 8:39 avg pace

Oh happy day! No work, a 20-miler, and a weekend away make for a good Friday.

The weather cooperated somewhat so I was able to finally push the pace.  I’m getting sick of LSD runs.


And some post-run pictures. Yes, I do tend to wear the same clothes each week.  I was trying for a jump pose but that’s impossible to do with a self-timer so instead you get a bunch of missed jumps.

Gotta run (ha)…I need to drop Hawk off for the weekend and finish packing for Baltimore. Get ready for another wedding recap on Monday!

Happy Wedding Eve, Amanda!  I cannot wait 🙂


18 Responses

  1. amazing pace girl!!! have a blast this weekend!

  2. nice job!!! have a fabulous weekend! you certainly earned lots of rest time (and wedding cake, from the sounds of it)! 🙂

  3. wow, your long runs have gotten FAST! Nice job!

  4. Whatt??? You’ll be in Baltimore?? I wish we could meet up!! If you have any free time let me know! Your long runs inspire me, I love how you push the pace on them! I need to learn to do that. Have a FANTASTIC time at the wedding!

  5. wow, nice work banging out your 20 miler this morning! Love getting ’em out of the way and looking forward to a great long weekend. Have a fab one!

  6. Dang, you have alot of weddings this summer!

    What a fabulous 20 miler! That has got to give you lots of confidence. Did you feel like you could keep going at that pace for 6.2 more, maybe kick it up a tiny notch? Because if so, you have your BQ!

    Now go enjoy those Miller beers and that wedding cake!

    • If it was cooler, absolutely!! It was still hot today so I’m happy (and surprised) I was able to maintain that pace.

      MLs are gonna taste even better tonight.

  7. Your “slow” pace is awesome! You are going to rock that marathon and take that BQ!

  8. Oh my gosh you’ve gotten so fast!!! I can’t believe you did your 3rd 20 miler for this plan. Boston isn’t gonna know what hit em after you BQ in Allentown 🙂

  9. Wow. Great job on your run and LUCKY you with a 3-day weekend!!

  10. Awesome job on that 20-miler 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. […] 20 Miles, Take 3 […]

  12. Wow. You must still be flying high from a rockin’ 20 like that. Looks like the higher mileage, additional days, and speed work are all paying off. Getting antsy for race day yet?

  13. WHAT AN AMAZING PACE FOR YOUR 20-MILE RUN!!!! And, um, how come in your post-run pics you still looking rockin’? I’m usually looking hurt.

    If I don’t get my speed back soon, I might just hire you as my coach. ;o)

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