Lehigh Valley Marathon: Week 8 Recap

7 miles easy / 1:05 / 9:17 avg pace

I am more than halfway done this training cycle.  Makes me excited and nervous at the same time.   I hate to complain about the heat again, but it’s really starting to do a number on my confidence.  I know that I can’t do anything about my pace when the humidity is off the charts but I was moving along so well!  I was feeling good, handling more mileage, pulling through on speed work, running (near) marathon pace on long runs and then BAM.  Everything came to a halt.  So. frustrating.

Let’s review…

MON: 7 speed
TUE:  11 easy (7 AM and 4 PM)
WED:  rest
THU:  8 easy
FRI:  17 long
SAT:  10 tempo, MP, MP intervals
SUN:  rest / 20 min yoga video

Highlights ~
1.  Monday’s speed work, before the heat wave kicked in.  This was a tough workout and I was very pleased with my times.
2.  53 miles for the week!
3.  My ability to remain standing during Friday’s 17-miler.  I’m not kidding!  And Operation Hydration was a success!

And the not so good ~
1.   Sunday’s run.  Oh this sucked.  Supposed to be a tempo run (3 miles at 7:44 pace).  There was no way I could sustain that in the heat so I planned on doing a MP tempo.  Riiight, scratch that too.  Apparently MP was too much.  So instead I would run MP for a mile, then recover for a mile, then repeat.  Pathetic.  The heat was a big factor but I was incredibly exhausted from Friday’s run and my legs felt like lead.  I have never been so happy to finish a run.

Onto more positive stuff, I am so looking forward to the weekend!  We are heading to Baltimore for my friend Amanda’s wedding.  I even have Friday off.  I’m squeezing all my runs in Monday to Friday this week so I can take 2 rest (hungover) days this weekend.

Since it is hump day, what are your plans for the weekend?  Any long runs planned?


6 Responses

  1. I think you’re doing incredible with your running in the heat! I just saw a chart the other day (it’s a Galloway chart):

    55-60 degrees: 1% drop in pace
    60-65 degrees: 3% drop in pace
    65-70 degrees: 5% drop in pace
    70-75 degrees: 7% drop in pace
    75-80 degrees: 12% drop in pace
    80-85 degrees: 20% drop in pace
    Above 85 degrees: run for fun

    So…you shouldn’t give yourself a hard time!

    • Thanks Kara. I saw that yesterday too and thought it was pretty accurate. I did “run for fun” last Friday, although it wasn’t that fun!

  2. I wouldn’t say your Sat run is pathetic because it was FAR TOO HOT, at least in NYC, to even entertain running fast (so imagine same in Philly).

    Yes, long run, 2 hours….and seeing my cousin who is coming into town.

  3. As usual, great run, and in the *heat*, at that. No reason to be hard on yourself this training cycle. I think you’re going to rock the sh*t out of this marathon.

    And… how many more weddings do you have, girl?

  4. I agree with what most of the others have said…it sounds like you are still getting in some amazing runs despite the heat. You have also learned to persevere and have been able to successfully complete several tough runs still standing and with few physical side effects. I thought it was genius that you carried the salt last week! good job…I have been learning a lot from you concerning how to run better in the heat!

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