A Short Long Run

13 miles / 1:52 / 8:39 avg pace

After doing a few weeks of 18 and 20 mile runs, I’m not sure I can even count today as a long run.  I have to admit, it was a nice break to only have to run 13 miles!

My neighbor, Maximus (his alias), joined me for the first 10 miles.  He also ran the first 10 with me last week (the hot and nauseating run).   I’m generally a solo runner but it’s nice to have a running buddy sometimes to make the miles fly by.

Today I stuck to my hilly loop.  Generally I start and finish on the hilly loop but cross the scary bridge to get some middle flat miles in. Remember this scary bridge?

Me and the bridge made amends after my bloody 15-miler that resulted in a stitch.  I’m still terrified of falling so I try to avoid crossing it if I can.  I just didn’t see the point today so I got a double dose of hill work.

Onto the details.  Splits…


And elevation.  OK, it doesn’t look that hilly but trust me there are some tough ones in there, namely after miles 4 and 9.


Do you like hills?  Would you prefer a hilly race or a flat race?  If it’s a shorter distance race, I obviously prefer flat but for a marathon, some hills are preferable.  NJM was pancake flat and I feel like I fatigued faster since I was constantly using the same muscles over and over.  


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  1. I think for most people, 13 miles is still a long run 🙂 I don’t mind hills, but I do hate long, slow hills. I’d rather tackle a short steep one than struggle up a half mile hill!

  2. I hate hills and avoid them all the time!

  3. Ooo gosh I hate hills! But so need to work them more, yea i need to do that

  4. nice run esp with hills! you’re really pacing well!

    i don’t mind hills in long runs – nice to mix things up and good training – i’m just not a big fan of hill speed work. bleh! but so good for you. apparently portland is flat – will be nice after NYC! that was a tough course.

    • NYC is a tough course! I always say it’s deceptively tough. I ran it way back in 2005 and I feel like no one mentioned how hilly it would be (duh – I should have known given all the bridge crossings).

  5. I like hills – I think they are a great way to change things up during your run and work different muscles. They are definitely challenging though – which I think is also half the fun!

  6. I am usually a solo runner myself, but I’ve had one running partner consistently back in ’09. She was going back for her PhD so that ended shortly. I did, however, recently join a running group. The one girl I run with (also was pregnant) is a much faster runner than me. She qualified for Boston and ran it in ’09.

    Hills are tough. I need to incorporate more hills in my runs though. I also saw that your an NYC back in ’05. I’m sure that’s an amazing run. I’ll be running it 2012 (after getting rejected three consecutive years). I’ll have to come back to you for some tips. ;o)

    Have a wonderful weekend. It’s great to get a good long run in to start your weekend (especially w/ that pace of yours)!

  7. Marathon training is crazy, you get to the point where 13 miles seems short – I guess it is compared to 18 or 20! I don’t love hills but I’m trying to make my piece with them, since I live in a hilly neighborhood and I am training for a hilly marathon! I love walking up them in trail races though.

  8. Hills – depends on my mood. Sometimes its nice to break up a run or race and gives you a challenge to tackle — takes you mind off tiredness, etc.

    I do hate long, slow inclines. I’d rather it be a hill or not a hill. The terrain needs to make up its mind!

  9. Nice run! And look at those hills!!

  10. For right now, my legs like hills, but my heart doesn’t. I’m just in the beginning stages of running, though — building a base (training for my first 5K!). So I am sucking some serious wind on the hills. But I enjoy the muscle switch-up for sure.

  11. It’s the Livestrong Challenge – Philly, on Aug 20 at Montgomery County Community College. I figure it’s a good choice for my first one, even though it’s in August. Hopefully it won’t be TOO hot. I’m really psyched– it’s my first race ever! I’m finally taking the leap!

  12. PS- There’s also a 10K. And there’s a bunch of bike distances available to race on Sunday the 21st. I’m just doing the 5K though. Let’s not get crazy, here.

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